Founded in 2016 by a small group of industry veterans with over a decade of experience, our goal is to change the way you think about web hosting; from personal to business websites, we believe that establishing your presence online should be easy, affordable, reliable, and fun.


5 Websites

10 eMail Addresses

5 Gigabytes of Storage

75 Gigabytes of Transfer




10 Websites

20 eMail Addresses

10 Gigabytes of Storage

150 Gigabytes of Transfer




15 Websites

30 eMail Addresses

15 Gigabytes of Storage

225 Gigabytes of Transfer



cPanel & Softaculous

2 Weeks of Nightly Backups Retained

FREE Data Migration

24/7 Technical Support & Server Monitoring

If you are collecting private data on your website, or are allowing people to login to a protected system, you will want to ensure the connection is encrypted.

Validation Level



Domains Secured

Essential SSL



1-2 hours

Single Domain



Wildcard SSL



1-2 days

Multiple Subdomains